Advantages of the sludge dewatering machine


1. Wide range of applications

Can be widely used in municipal sewage, food, beverage, slaughter breeding, printing and dyeing, petrochemical, paper, leather, pharmaceutical and other industries of sludge dewatering. The unique dehydration principle makes the equipment suitable for high and low concentration sludge. Starting from 2000mg/L, it has created a precedent for direct dewatering of low concentration sludge. The innovative structural design makes the equipment used for various types of sludge with high and low viscosity, especially oily sludge, which can be called a tool for dewatering oily sludge.

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2. The equipment should not be blocked

The unique dynamic and static ring filter joint structure makes the equipment not easy to block, and does not need to be cleaned to prevent the filter joint from being clogged, completely reducing the flushing water consumption, reducing the internal circulation burden, and solving the troubles caused by the traditional dehydration equipment blockage.

3. Continuous automatic operation

Multi-Disk Screw Press adopts automatic control from pumping out sludge, injecting medicine, and discharging sludge cake. Through the electric control cabinet, it is linked with the foaming machine, the mud pump, the dosing pump, etc., without the need for personnel to operate the equipment. The operation will not cause blockage, track deviation or other phenomena that affect the safety of the process. The daily maintenance is simple and convenient, and it can be continuously operated for 24 hours. The realization of the continuous automatic operation of sludge dewatering in the true sense.

4. Save operating costs

The integrated overall design, compact design, and significant savings in operating costs. The low-speed screw extrusion technology makes the power consumption greatly reduce the equipment from clogging, the flushing water is greatly reduced, and the 24-hour automatic unmanned operation, the labor cost is greatly reduced. Therefore, this equipment has also become a new energy-saving and environmental protection equipment that complies with the policy.

5. No secondary pollution

The speed of the screw shaft is about 2-3 rpm, no vibration, very low noise, clean function, no clogging problem, only a small amount of water washing, no secondary water pollution, plus sludge is so slow Under working conditions, the odor does not spread, creating a very good operating environment at a time.

6. The body is light and durable

The machine is designed to be quite lightweight due to the direct use of mechanical extrusion and dewatering, without the need for large bodies such as rollers. The body is almost entirely made of stainless steel. The replacement parts are only screw shafts and swimming rings, which have a long service life and durability.

7. Save engineering investment

The Multi-Disk Screw Press itself has a sludge concentration function that directly treats aerobic sludge in the aeration tank, eliminating the need for concentration and storage units, and reducing the overall footprint and construction costs of the wastewater treatment facility.

8. Improve phosphorus removal function

The sludge is dehydrated under aerobic conditions, and the release of sludge phosphorus under the anoxic or anaerobic conditions in the conventional sludge concentration tank or storage tank does not occur, thereby improving the phosphorus removal function of the entire sewage treatment system.