screw press FAQS


Q: what else can screw press do besides sewage?

A: screw press is a multi disc solid-liquid separator, which can be used in most occasions where solid-liquid separation is required, as long as it can meet the requirement that particles can coagulate into particles larger than 0.25mm.

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Q: your screw pressure chance will not be blocked? What to do if it is blocked? How to reverse? What is the principle? Does it affect the machine?

A: our company selects and purchases raw materials from manufacturers with good flatness of cold-rolled plate. Each ring piece must go through two procedures, mechanical and manual, which can greatly reduce the blockage of screw press. Compared with centrifuge and belt machine, screw press is not easy to block. However, due to various reasons such as uneven materials and operation, sometimes it is inevitable to jam. Generally, it can be handled by reversing the machine after blocking. Please start the reversing button for reversing.

Q: when you rotate at 2-3 revolutions / s, if the number of revolutions reaches 4 or 5, is the processing capacity doubled?

A: the processing capacity can not be determined by a single speed, but also by a series of parameters such as the type of material to be separated, viscosity, temperature, number of laminations, size, gap, length of spiral shaft, back pressure, etc. Some manufacturers often increase the speed to improve the processing capacity. In a short time, there may be no problem. In a long time (3-6 months later), it is easy to cause machine wear and so on.

Q: is it better to use metering pump or screw pump?

The metering pump is suitable for the occasion with less dosage, its advantage is accurate, but its relative price is higher. Screw pump dosing is suitable for the occasion of large dosage, with flowmeter and frequency converter (or manual reflux) can also achieve accurate dosing.

Q: can screw presses be placed outdoors?

A: Yes, the protection performance of the corresponding electric cabinet and motor needs to be improved. For example, the motor needs to be equipped with rain cover, motor protection IP55, IP65, etc.

Q: is the mud from our equipment shipped directly?

A: it can be shipped directly.

Q: how long does the delivery time take?

A: it varies according to the model.