Applications of screw press


Concept of screw press:

Screw press is a kind of sludge dehydrator. Its purpose is to concentrate and dehydrate sludge, so as to achieve the purpose of sludge discharge and effectively carry out environmental protection and pollution-free treatment.

Working principle of screw press:

There are mainly three steps: the sludge pump pumps the sludge to the mixing and mixing tank - "sludge enters the main body of the screw press for thickening and dehydration -" sludge is discharged by the pressing plate after being pressed by the screw.

In the sludge dewatering stage, there are two parts, one is sludge thickening, the other is sludge dewatering. The first section of the screw press body is the sludge concentration section. The screw pitch of the sludge concentration section is relatively large, and the higher the screw pitch, the smaller the screw pitch and the greater the pressure. Under the constant movement and extrusion of the moving ring and the fixed ring, the sludge is discharged through the blocking effect of the pressing plate.

Applications of screw press(图1)

Main uses of screw press:

Screw press is widely used in municipal sewage treatment, petrochemical, leather textile, food breeding, steel casting and other industries of sludge dewatering system. Especially for oily sludge and activated sludge, it has a good treatment effect. The effective moisture content of sludge dewatering is 80%. According to the different properties of sludge, part of it can reach 60% or even lower.