Product advantages

The tension of the membrane is much smaller than that of the disk aeration.adopt the structure of pilot air tank, and the aeration component has no buoyancy;The film uses natural rubber and anti-aging formula, and the membrane has long service life.adopt stainless steel connecting fastener, the interface is not easy to leak and easy to disassemble..

Tube Air Diffuser(图3)
Tube Air Diffuser(图4)

Low cost and high efficiency.

*High oxygen transfer efficiency

*Low cost of total ownership

*Anti-clogging,corrosion resistant

Simple and durable installation.

*Ease of installation, 2 minutes for one diffuser

*Maintenance-free design,8 years service life

*EPDM membrane with excellent preformance

Tube Air Diffuser(图5)
Tube Air Diffuser(图6)