Process and advantages

Nano aerator is a new generation of high efficiency and energy saving water treatment technology.Nano aerator has huge development potential, as the functional properties of the bubble, bubble with anion, speed slow, ozone bubble explosion equivalent can have antiseptic effect.

Nano Aerator(图3)
Nano Aerator(图4)

Low cost and high efficiency.


1. Using high-pressure rotary flow transient release technology, high density of micro nano bubble, non-clogging, easy to maintain.


2. Functional bubble diameter of 200 nm ~ 50μm, saturated water can be quickly produced with good gas-liquid dissolving effect.


3. Stable performance, high efficiency, low noise.


4.Wide range of application, such as wastewater /gas treatment aquaculture, agricultural irrigation, bath and so on.

Nano Aerator(图6)