PE Polymer Preparation Unit

PE Polymer Preparation Unit is the simple dosing equipment made of PE. The machine is composed by stirring motor, mixer, dosing port, water inlet and washing water inlet. This equipment has limited volume and low cost which is applicable to small-scale personnel field project.

Application Scope:Secondary water supply and water storage of high-rise buildings; water treatment and purification equipment; storage and transportation of cooling water, chemical preparations, chemical products, raw materials, various oil products and beverages for industrial use.

Main material: Imported high-quality polyethylene (PE) plastic raw materials and formula

PE Polymer Preparation System


PE Polymer Preparation System

1.Metering pump:

-Mechanical actuated diaphragm, no-leakage structure
-PVC,PTFE, PVDF,304,316 is available as the pump head material
-flow can be adjusted during operation
-Motor: standard 220V/380V,50Hz Regulating mode: manual / automatic


Rated power: 0.75~1.5kw;
Height: 0.9m~1.65m

3.Solution dosingt tank:

Material: PE
Volume :200L to 2000L(Smaller models can be customized)


We provide various types of PE Polymer Preparation System, if you have any demand, you can contact us.

PE Polymer Preparation System