Rotary Bar Screen

Rotary Bar Screen is a special equipment used to intercept solid waste at the water source. It can continuously and automatically remove various shapes of floating matter in sewage.
Purpose cleaning, resulting in most solid debris falling due to its own gravity, and other debris adhering to the bar screen in the role of reverse cleaning brush to clean the rake teeth debris, and evenly fall into the screw conveyor. Because the bar screen chain is a closed circulating mechanism, it can automatically and continuously work to remove floating debris in the water.

Rotary bar screen


General performance description

Rotary Bar Screen is suitable for the removal of floating matter from raw sewage. Its main component is the filter element commonly called "rake tooth" or "rake claw". The whole bar screen component is directly mounted on the channel. Solids are captured by the filter belt and sent to a higher position at the rear of the bar screen drive device by the rake teeth before discharging. Both sides of the bar screen support are fixed on concrete channels, and easy to disassemble. During installation, the bar screen ensures that all sewage in the channel can flow through the bar screen, and the bar screen has no dead pits on both sides of the bar screen in the process of decontamination. Once the bar screen decontamination mechanism resumes operation after operation interruption, the bar screen decontamination mechanism can remove accumulated bar screen slag on completely blocked bar screen. The mechanical bar screen, bracket and moving components are all outdoor. The design of all components ensures the longest service life in the worst environment.

Rotary Bar Screen


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